Demand Response Programs and Smart Energy Solutions

How does the NuEnergen Demand Response program work?

In a Demand Response (DR) program, utility companies pay facility owners to proactively reduce their energy consumption during periods of short-term “peak” demand. In return, facility owners can expect a recurring stream of payments as a result of their participation, which can be upwards of tens of thousands of dollars.

As a licensed Curtailment Service Provider (CSP), NuEnergen can not only handle the enrollment process for you, but most importantly serve as your advocate to continually optimize your program.

NuEnergen will:

  • Assess your facilities and develop a plan of energy reduction protocols to follow during a DR event
  • Alert you when a DR event is called and provide reminders of the actions you need to take
  • Meet with you regularly to adjust and update your plan for maximum return and minimal disruption

How does NuEnergen help you make smarter energy-related decisions?

NuEnergen’s Real-Time Monitoring (RTM) provides a true picture of your energy usage, and as the driving engine of our analytics platform it serves as an integral component to the financial performance of your Demand Response program. It collects energy data from your facility in real-time using a simple metering device that’s installed on your utility line, giving you the ability to:

  • Review exact energy consumption patterns throughout the day
  • Generate a wealth of reports for usage trend monitoring and analysis
  • Uncover methods to reduce and better manage your energy usage

What services does NuEnergen offer that result in optimal energy management?

  • Independent Energy Procurement Services
  • Demand Response (Certified Provider)
  • Carbon Footprint Analysis
  • Utility Invoice Auditing
  • Real-Time Smart Grid Dashboard
  • Comprehensive Energy Tracking


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